User documentation

Radeon 5770 Zombie files

22/11/2010 18:34

Photo of zombie donor

Thanks for some nice pics to and w1zzard personally.

Technical documentation

Radeon 2900XT VRM Volterra DC-DC

16/12/2010 08:59

2900XT PCB top + bottom high resolution photo - 72 MB

EVGA EPOWER card (The Untouchables)

16/12/2010 21:49

High-current SMPS Board.


  • 12V and +5V Input voltage
  • Primary DC-DC with Volterra 1185MF chipset (10phase)
  • Syncronous DC-DC design for >300A
  • secondary DC-DC with uPI uP6212AG (3 phase DrMOS)