Keithley 2001 review and repair.

The Model 2001 appears to be of a very similar style to other Keithley 2xxx series measuring/sourcing tools, designed to fit into standard 19" rack. Such format pefrectly fits main purpose of this system meters, which is production testing/validation and research. The build quality of the hardware very good and construction is robust enough to withstand most of generic usage.

Setting up the 2001 is straight forward, it's easy to use right from power on, and does not need reading operator manual to perform most of functions.


Even considering that Model 2001 was developed quite long time ago (around 1992), it's still manufactured and sold officially on Keithley website for $4380 USD (base unit w/o options). Given it's specs and resolution, this is still one of not so many 7.5 digit DMMs on market.


The display and interface

2001 is quick and easy to navigate through, thanks to great dot-matrix VFD screen with great contrast and brightness. Screen have two main lines for readout and auxilary information, like current settings, statistics, and service markers on top which shows operation mode.
Same VFD is used in higher end brother Model 2002, switch units 7001 and 7002, and 24xx series and 26xx SMU, as well as some other specialized Keithley meters.

Internal structure

.... TBD


Control registers


Memory options

Option Hardware Storage memory size Setup profiles
STD SRAM IC xxx only one, #0
MEM1 DS1230AB xxxx or xxxxx w/o timestamps up to 5, #0 to #4
MEM2 DS1245Y xxxx or xxxxx w/o timestamps up to 10, #0 to #9

Memory option require to have DS12xx programmed to valid contents, which at least have matching serial number to one in calibration EEPROM.
Otherwise storage function will not work correctly (reset contents on power off, don't allow extra setup profiles to be saved).


.... TBD


Great stuff :)


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