R&E: Happy new 2016!

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Brief summary of in year 2015.
Hope to get twice as much progress and achievements in this 2016!

Illya "TiN" Tsemenko

content_mgmt: New article - HP 3245A Universal source

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New article about Hewlett-Packard HP3245A obsolete universal generator. Teardown, repairs and tweak guide.

Instrument firmwares, calibration test results verification and video covering operation are shown.
Contents include next items:

  • Intro
  • Disclaimer
  • Initial inspection and basic disassembly
  • Manuals references
  • Repair workflow
    • Boards condition check
  • Diagnostics
  • Firmware
  • Calibration
  • Performance verification
  • Tweaks
    • Main reference upgrade
    • Additional output amplifier for 0.1x/0.01x gain
  • Restoration summary

E-table 2: Project suspend

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Project temporary suspended due to possible move to another apartment.

ETA to resume - end-April/begin-May

R&E: development area waiting for your projects!

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If you want to create/maintain or submit any project, both hardware or software, feel free to contact me in any comfortable way. Space, personal email server, ftp upload, image/file hosting, wiki - this is only beginning in services we provide for our developers.

Registration and project managment is FREE.



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