Profile update to engine 2.6.0

Major upgrade for redmine engine server
Added by tin over 8 years ago

Defect #11788: Export to PDF: align right in table doesn't work
Defect #12934: PDF export: No images in tables
Defect #13860: Text of custom fields is not wrapped in PDF exports of issues
Defect #14466: Wrap long issue fields in issue pdf header
Defect #14737: Gantt, completed % truncated instead of rounded
Defect #14917: Bad table formatting in pdf export
Defect #17322: Long strings such as URL break out of box
Defect #18041: Wiki, Pdf export, Table, pre tags
Defect #18119: Thumbnail image path without HTTPS
Feature #12447: Support for PNG with alpha channel in pdf export
Feature #14599: Support 16-bit depth PNG images in PDF export
Feature #16164: Bulk edit workflows for multiple trackers/roles
Feature #16707: Integrate support of SSL for POP3 incoming emails
Feature #17380: Move project sidebar content to a partial
Feature #17570: use rbpdf gem instead of bundled rfpdf
Feature #17976: Custom permissions per project for non member and anonymous users
Feature #17993: Issues list : css tags to get sort orders