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English and Russian translation for content

| Article | EN | RU |
|Added comment engine to website articles and service pages |PASS|FAIL|
|Adding I2C0 port to Raspberry Pi B Rev 2.0 |PASS|FAIL|
|Adjusting voltage on EVGA EPOWER Classified module |PASS|FAIL|
|Articles are split into sections per type |PASS|FAIL|
|Automatic version control in source files for Mercurial DVCS |PASS|FAIL|
|Customizing color scheme for Cadence/OrCAD Capture |PASS|FAIL|
|Django+Python developer wanted |PASS|FAIL|
|EDC (Krohn-nite) MV106 DC Voltage standard review and calibration |PASS|FAIL|
|ERSA I-CON Soldering station |PASS|FAIL|
|ESI DB52 : Precision resistance decade |PASS|FAIL|
|Extreme OC modifications for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 |PASS|FAIL|
|Extreme OC modifications for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti KPE |PASS|FAIL|
|Fluke 52 II thermometer calibration tutorial |PASS|FAIL|
|Formatting serial output with colors |PASS|FAIL|
|GPIB reference for Keithley 2001/2002 |PASS|FAIL|
|HP 11177B - Calibration module from HP 3455A |PASS|FAIL|
|Hacking Fluke 51-II thermometer |PASS|FAIL|
|How-to: Powering stand-alone PCIe videocard without MB |PASS|FAIL|
|IAR compiler tips |PASS|FAIL|
|KX Voltage reference |PASS|FAIL|
|Keithley 2000 DMM repair log |PASS|FAIL|
|Keithley 2510 TEC SMU Repair |PASS|FAIL|
|Keithley Model 2001 repair and service notes |PASS|FAIL|
|Keithley Model 2002 - 8.5 digit system DMM review |PASS|FAIL|
|Keithley Model 2400 review and VFD repair |PASS|FAIL|
|Keithley secret menu and settings |PASS|FAIL|
|Macros and hotkeys in Cadence Allegro PCB Editor |PASS|FAIL|
|Memory options on Keithley 2001/2002 series DMMs |PASS|FAIL|
|Mercurial - DVCS (Decentralized Version Control System) - intro and basic usage guide|PASS|FAIL|
|Option keys for Tektronix oscilloscopes and logic analyzers |PASS|FAIL|
|Repair and review of HP/Agilent/Keysight 4263B |PASS|FAIL|
|Repair experience for Nikon D3 body |PASS|FAIL|
|Repairing Keithley Model 2001 |PASS|FAIL|
|Resistor SMD codes and designators |PASS|FAIL|
|Second life for dead VGA cards - using as high-power power supply |PASS|FAIL|
|Server migration - services might be temporary unavailable |PASS|FAIL|
|Setting up Mercurial DVCS via HTTPS |PASS|FAIL|
|Simple CSV parser for datalogs in Python |PASS|FAIL|
|Taking proper photographs of electronic hardware and PCBAs |PASS|FAIL|
|Tektronix TDS7000 series repair |PASS|FAIL|
|Unlocking JLink |PASS|FAIL|
|Uploaded Keithley 2001 B06 and 2400 C10 firmwares |PASS|FAIL|
|Using Raspberry Pi for rapid prototyping |PASS|FAIL|

| Article | EN | RU |
|Formatting hex dumps in serial consoles |PASS|PASS|
|Nominal resistance on power rails of various PC hardware |PASS|PASS|
|Parallax Stratix 672 Smartpack FPGA board overview |PASS|PASS|
|Parsing strings in Python on Markup/BBCode image tags generator example |PASS|PASS|
|Received replacement switch Keithley SW-468 |PASS|PASS|
|Renaming power nets in Cadence Allegro |PASS|PASS|
|Review and teardown of Tektronix TCA-1MEG high-impedance Buffer Amplifier System |PASS|PASS|
|Rohde & Schwarz Signal generator SMT03 Repair |PASS|PASS|
|Tektronix P6246 and P6251 differential probes exterior review |PASS|PASS|
| VARM - versatile dual-channel panel meter |PASS|PASS|
|Использование cегментного COG-индикатора Ampire TIC5234 |PASS|PASS|

| Article | EN | RU |
|Изучаем Cadence Allegro PCB Editor |FAIL|PASS|
|Project VC1 - vacuum-fluorescent table clock design |FAIL|PASS|
|Изучаем Cadence Orcad |FAIL|PASS|
|Импорт/экспорт Cadence + Solidworks |FAIL|PASS|
|Использование индикаторов Ampire TIC c контроллером PCF8531 |FAIL|PASS|
|Как начать разработку электронного устройства - введение |FAIL|PASS|
|Материнская плата Intel DP35DP или заготовка для домашнего кинотеатра |FAIL|PASS|
|Нетрадиционный апгрейд DDR SDRAM памяти, 4х256MB на 2х512MB |FAIL|PASS|
|Обзор прецизионного мультиметра Keithley 2001-M |FAIL|PASS|
|Тестирование мощного блока питания Seasonic M12D |FAIL|PASS|
|Фальшивые флешки, или еще одна технология ремонта |FAIL|PASS|

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