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  ALTERA 672 Checkout board repair 8 Collapse all/Expand all
292SupportClosedHighSearch documentation for "ALTERA 672 Checkout board"tin10/10/2012
339FeatureClosedHighВосстановление компонентовIzerg
291BugClosedHighVCC SSO замкнут на землю?Izerg
340FeatureClosedHighТестирование платы под полным питанием.Izerg
680FeatureClosedNormalProject suspendIzerg
293FeatureClosedNormalPower check - voltage in spec, power good - ok?Izerg
289SupportClosedNormalReceive board from EMS 10/08/2012
341FeatureClosedNormalПроверка программирования платы
  ALTERA SMB2 Repair 1 Collapse all/Expand all
295ReworkIn ProgressNormalDebug JTAG Stratix communication issuetin
  AM2 1 Collapse all/Expand all
119BugClosedNormalR7,R8 - fix value to allow generator runningtin
  ARM-camp 4 Collapse all/Expand all
230FeatureClosedNormalAdd mercurial DVCS intro to wikiARandomOWl14/12/2011
233FeatureRejectedNormalSend development miniboard on AT91SAM7S128 to Adriantin28/12/2011
232FeatureRejectedNormalAdd Redmine guide and intro based on projecttin30/12/2011
229FeatureRejectedNormalAdd intro page about STM-Discovery to wiki, create first projecttin15/01/2012
  E-table 2 2 Collapse all/Expand all
740FeatureIn ProgressNormalOnboard workspace PC systemtin
739SupportIn ProgressNormalCreate initial design concepttin26/04/2015
  Fluke 720A repair 1 Collapse all/Expand all
1361SupportClosedNormalInspection, photos and checktin09/08/2016
  HP 3245A 5 Collapse all/Expand all
1270FeatureNewNormalReplace capacitors, take more photos of internal parts for articletin25/11/2015
1282FeatureNewNormalTest calibration, save calibration RAMtin
1281ReworkNewNormalReplace LM399 to LTZ1000tin
1265FeatureResolvedNormalReceive unit, initial inspectiontin03/11/2015
1283FeatureNewNormalRecalibrate unit after update to LTZtin
  HP 3458A 19 Collapse all/Expand all
1259BugClosedNormalERROR 114 -- multislope rundown convergencetin
1260FeatureClosedNormalERROR 114 -- balanced multislope convergencetin
1242FeatureClosedNormalMake 3D drawing for LTZ1000 plastic captin05/10/2015
1248ReworkClosedNormalMake CPLD logic replacement for PAL address decoder 03458-88804tin
1272FeatureClosedNormalInstall memory option 001 backtin30/11/2015
1234FeatureClosedNormalReceive unit, initial inspectiontin17/09/2015
1249FeatureClosedNormalDigikey order 2tin
1243FeatureClosedNormalReplace capacitors on A6 board.tin
1257FeatureIn ProgressNormalAdapter boards for Intersil comparators and EL22xxCMtin
1271FeatureNewNormalInstall optics on external trigger on A6 PCBAtin
1258FeatureNewNormalAdapter board for LMH6321 buffertin
1279FeatureNewNormalUsage items tin
1261FeatureClosedNormalMake measurement on integrator and reference path on A3 A/D boardtin16/10/2015
1236ReworkClosedNormalTest mains power supply domain & transformertin
1237FeatureClosedNormalOrder replacement parts from Keysighttin
1235ReworkClosedNormalBuy and install A9 reference boardtin
1289FeatureClosedNormal1ppm/hour drift on new ADC boardtin
1285FeatureIn ProgressNormalMeasure stability per SN 18tin26/11/2015
  HP 4263B 11 Collapse all/Expand all
947FeatureClosedNormalPCB daughter board schematics recoverytin02/03/2014
910FeatureClosedNormalReplace damaged componentstin
1065SupportClosedNormalModify LCR probe according to Agilent connection spec.tin20/04/2014
861FeatureClosedNormalInitial check and repair estimatetin11/01/2014
907FeatureRejectedNormalAdd option updates for 001 and 002tin12/01/2014
860FeatureClosedNormalPay for LCR metertin14/12/2013
946FeatureIn ProgressNormalRecover inputs schematics and power modules schematicstin02/03/2014
906FeatureIn ProgressNormalReview and teardown articletin18/01/2014
945FeatureClosedNormalHack to enable Option 001 and 002tin

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