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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Due date
  ALTERA 672 Checkout board repair 8 Collapse all/Expand all
680 Feature Closed Normal Project suspend Izerg Actions
341 Feature Closed Normal Проверка программирования платы Actions
340 Feature Closed High Тестирование платы под полным питанием. Izerg Actions
339 Feature Closed High Восстановление компонентов Izerg Actions
293 Feature Closed Normal Power check - voltage in spec, power good - ok? Izerg Actions
292 Support Closed High Search documentation for "ALTERA 672 Checkout board" tin 10/10/2012 Actions
291 Bug Closed High VCC SSO замкнут на землю? Izerg Actions
289 Support Closed Normal Receive board from EMS 08/10/2012 Actions
  ALTERA SMB2 Repair 1 Collapse all/Expand all
295 Rework In Progress Normal Debug JTAG Stratix communication issue tin Actions
  AM2 1 Collapse all/Expand all
119 Bug Closed Normal R7,R8 - fix value to allow generator running tin Actions
  ARM-camp 4 Collapse all/Expand all
230 Feature Closed Normal Add mercurial DVCS intro to wiki ARandomOWl 12/14/2011 Actions
233 Feature Rejected Normal Send development miniboard on AT91SAM7S128 to Adrian tin 12/28/2011 Actions
232 Feature Rejected Normal Add Redmine guide and intro based on project tin 12/30/2011 Actions
229 Feature Rejected Normal Add intro page about STM-Discovery to wiki, create first project tin 01/15/2012 Actions
  E-table 2 2 Collapse all/Expand all
740 Feature Closed Normal Onboard workspace PC system tin Actions
739 Support Closed Normal Create initial design concept tin 04/26/2015 Actions
  Fluke 720A repair 1 Collapse all/Expand all
1361 Support Closed Normal Inspection, photos and check tin 08/09/2016 Actions
  HP 3245A 5 Collapse all/Expand all
1283 Feature New Normal Recalibrate unit after update to LTZ tin Actions
1282 Feature New Normal Test calibration, save calibration RAM tin Actions
1281 Rework New Normal Replace LM399 to LTZ1000 tin Actions
1270 Feature New Normal Replace capacitors, take more photos of internal parts for article tin 11/25/2015 Actions
1265 Feature Resolved Normal Receive unit, initial inspection tin 11/03/2015 Actions
  HP 3458A 19 Collapse all/Expand all
1279 Feature New Normal Usage items tin Actions
1271 Feature New Normal Install optics on external trigger on A6 PCBA tin Actions
1258 Feature New Normal Adapter board for LMH6321 buffer tin Actions
1285 Feature In Progress Normal Measure stability per SN 18 tin 11/26/2015 Actions
1257 Feature In Progress Normal Adapter boards for Intersil comparators and EL22xxCM tin Actions
1238 Feature Resolved Normal Repairs Actions
1289 Feature Closed Normal 1ppm/hour drift on new ADC board tin Actions
1272 Feature Closed Normal Install memory option 001 back tin 11/30/2015 Actions
1261 Feature Closed Normal Make measurement on integrator and reference path on A3 A/D board tin 10/16/2015 Actions
1260 Feature Closed Normal ERROR 114 -- balanced multislope convergence tin Actions
1259 Bug Closed Normal ERROR 114 -- multislope rundown convergence tin Actions
1249 Feature Closed Normal Digikey order 2 tin Actions
1248 Rework Closed Normal Make CPLD logic replacement for PAL address decoder 03458-88804 tin Actions
1243 Feature Closed Normal Replace capacitors on A6 board. tin Actions
1242 Feature Closed Normal Make 3D drawing for LTZ1000 plastic cap tin 10/05/2015 Actions
1237 Feature Closed Normal Order replacement parts from Keysight tin Actions
1236 Rework Closed Normal Test mains power supply domain & transformer tin Actions
1235 Rework Closed Normal Buy and install A9 reference board tin Actions
1234 Feature Closed Normal Receive unit, initial inspection tin 09/17/2015 Actions
  HP 4263B 11 Collapse all/Expand all
948 Feature New Normal Inputs protection curcuitry tin 01/22/2014 Actions
946 Feature In Progress Normal Recover inputs schematics and power modules schematics tin 03/02/2014 Actions
906 Feature In Progress Normal Review and teardown article tin 01/18/2014 Actions
1065 Support Closed Normal Modify LCR probe according to Agilent connection spec. tin 04/20/2014 Actions
1059 Support Closed Low Improve LCD to inverse 40x2? tin 04/30/2014 Actions
947 Feature Closed Normal PCB daughter board schematics recovery tin 03/02/2014 Actions
945 Feature Closed Normal Hack to enable Option 001 and 002 tin Actions
910 Feature Closed Normal Replace damaged components tin Actions
861 Feature Closed Normal Initial check and repair estimate tin 01/11/2014 Actions
860 Feature Closed Normal Pay for LCR meter tin 12/14/2013 Actions
907 Feature Rejected Normal Add option updates for 001 and 002 tin 01/12/2014 Actions
  HP/Agilent 33120A 2 Collapse all/Expand all
639 Support Closed Normal Add related documentation tin 11/18/2012 Actions
638 Feature Closed Normal Inspect unit, diagnose and isolate problem tin Actions
  HP3245A 1 Collapse all/Expand all
1266 Feature Closed Normal Receive unit, initial inspection and tests tin Actions
  KX 26 Collapse all/Expand all
1086 Inventory New Normal Film SMD capacitor LDECB3100JA0N00 0.1uF 50VDC 1210 tin Actions
1067 Support New Normal References / 3rd-party resources tin Actions
971 Feature New Normal Open-hardware transition tin 02/23/2014 Actions
952 Feature New Normal Define spec for project tin 02/01/2014 Actions
1078 Feature In Progress Normal PCB for low-thermal shorting plug tin 06/29/2014 Actions
1068 Feature In Progress Normal Wire-wound precision resistors samples tin Actions
1014 Support In Progress Low Components supply for project tin Actions
949 Feature In Progress Normal Front panel design tin 02/09/2014 Actions
937 Inventory In Progress Normal LT1097S8 tin Actions
883 Support In Progress Normal Keithley 2001 ADC model, Multisim 12 project tin 01/31/2014 Actions
950 Inventory Resolved Normal GU256X64-355 display tin Actions
1298 Feature Closed Normal test new draw front panel tin 01/09/2016 Actions
1088 Inventory Closed Normal MAX6610AUT temp sensor SOT23-6 THD box 10pcs tin Actions
1087 Inventory Closed Normal LTC2057HS8 - 17pcs THD box tin Actions
1066 Feature Closed Normal VPG resistor for prototype build tin 05/31/2014 Actions
998 Support Closed Normal Order PCBs for VREF A00 module tin 03/27/2014 Actions
941 Inventory Closed Normal LTZ1000ACH SUPER-ZENER VREF tin Actions
940 Inventory Closed Normal LTC1043CSWPBF SOW18 | Building block SW-CAP DUAL tin Actions
939 Inventory Closed Normal LT1116CS8 tin Actions
938 Inventory Closed Normal LT1223CS8 tin Actions
934 Inventory Closed Normal PMBFJ111-215 JFET NCH 40V 20mA SOT23-3 tin Actions
933 Inventory Closed Normal PMBFJ620-115 NJFET DUAL 25V SOT363 tin Actions
930 Inventory Closed Normal TL7705ACDR tin Actions
927 Inventory Closed Normal AD7490BRUZ tin Actions
926 Inventory Closed Normal LTC1050CS8 tin Actions
925 Inventory Closed Normal LMV324I tin Actions
  KX-A 1 Collapse all/Expand all
1280 Feature New Normal 2A current amp tin Actions
  KX-DAC 1 Collapse all/Expand all
1191 Feature In Progress Normal Schematics design tin 05/03/2015 Actions
  KX-H : Low-noise amp 3 Collapse all/Expand all
1165 Feature New Normal PCB layout for amp module KX-H tin 11/09/2014 Actions
1132 Feature New Low Collect existing solutions and applications. tin Actions
1164 Feature In Progress Normal Schematics release for modular prototype tin 10/31/2014 Actions
  Keithley 2000 7 Collapse all/Expand all
1193 Feature Closed Normal Buy parts for repair tin 05/30/2015 Actions
1178 Feature Closed Low Check components on K2000 unit tin Actions
1162 Support Closed Normal Memory for A20 Actions
1160 Support Closed Normal Backup EEPROM with programm memory A02 tin Actions
1159 Rework Closed Normal Clean board and restore damaged traces from leaked electrolyte tin 09/22/2014 Actions
1158 Feature Closed Normal Broken K2000 unit received, need repairs tin Actions
874 Feature Closed Normal Keithley 2000 schematics tin 12/23/2013 Actions
  Keithley 2001 repair 76 Collapse all/Expand all
1196 Feature New Normal Analog interface protocol tin Actions
853 Support Feedback Normal Бюджет проекта tin Actions
1188 Feature Closed Normal Dump firmware B17 from 2001M tin Actions
1185 Bug Closed Normal Repair status for very first 2001 unit tin Actions
1184 Bug Closed Normal Repair status tin Actions
1141 Feature Closed Normal Восстановление источника тока и диапазонов измерения сопротивления tin Actions
1138 Feature Closed Normal Восстановление источника тока и диапазонов измерения сопротивления Izerg 07/21/2014 Actions
1134 Feature Closed Normal Рисовать схему ИОН tin 07/21/2014 Actions
1131 Support Closed Normal Schematics for voltage reference LM399 tin 07/11/2014 Actions
974 Support Closed Normal K2001_Amps_out_of_Tol tin Actions
968 Support Closed High eeprom A07543 tin Actions
956 Feature Closed Normal Calibration constants for K2001 units tin 02/15/2014 Actions
912 Support Closed Low repo_test tin Actions
895 Feature Closed Normal 304.x series self-test errors (Ohm) Izerg 01/05/2014 Actions
894 Support Closed Normal iZerg Keithley serial number request Izerg 01/05/2014 Actions
891 Feature Closed Normal Self-test errors diagnosis tin 01/05/2014 Actions
890 Support Closed Normal Install DS1245Y for MEM2 option tin 01/04/2014 Actions
889 Bug Closed Normal Replace fan tin 01/05/2014 Actions
888 Feature Closed Normal Send 2001 DMM for calibration to Tektronix Taiwan tin 01/12/2014 Actions
885 Feature Closed Normal Keithley 2001 thermal evaluation tin 01/01/2014 Actions
884 Feature Closed Normal UART protocol between front panel board and digital board. tin Actions
879 Bug Closed Normal Issue list update tin Actions
871 Bug Closed Normal Replace C108 capacitor tin 12/31/2013 Actions
869 Feature Closed Normal Spec test tin 12/15/2013 Actions
868 Feature Closed Normal Assembly meter for function checks. tin 12/15/2013 Actions
867 Bug Closed Normal Fix error 410.1, 411.1, 411.2 - TRMS / TRMS Filter tin 12/29/2013 Actions
866 Bug Closed Normal Fix error 409.6 – ÷750 correction factor; signal comparisons tin 12/22/2013 Actions
865 Bug Closed Normal Fix errors 407.1, 407.2, 407.3 - Front end 2V/200V/750V tin 12/22/2013 Actions
864 Bug Closed Normal Fix error 406.6 – Voltage comparison tin 12/22/2013 Actions
863 Bug Closed Normal Fix errors 405.2, 405.4, 405.6, 405.8, - Absolute value x10 gain comparison tin 12/22/2013 Actions
862 Bug Closed Normal Fix errors 404.1, 404.2, 404.3, 404.4, 404.5 - Absolute value (x1 gain); tin 12/22/2013 Actions
859 Feature Closed Normal Схема аналоговой платы (Keithley 2001-102-04J) tin 07/11/2014 Actions
858 Bug Closed Normal VFD Power supply issues? tin Actions
856 Bug Closed Normal Fix error 412.1 – AC amps switch tin 12/28/2013 Actions
855 Bug Closed Normal Fix error 403.1 – Signal switching; ground switch tin 12/21/2013 Actions
854 Bug Closed Normal Fix error 402.1 - Signal switching; frequency switch tin 12/14/2013 Actions
852 Feature Closed Normal LabView control panel development tin 02/28/2014 Actions
840 Support Closed Normal 3 ADC modules shipped, receive and test rest units tin 11/09/2013 Actions
839 Feature Closed Low analog board photo tin 10/26/2013 Actions
820 Support Closed Normal Schematics for digital board (Keithley 2001-142-06H) tin 10/31/2013 Actions
819 Support Closed Normal Cхема платы передней панели tin 10/08/2013 Actions
818 Support Closed Normal Schematics for analog board (Keithley 2001-102-04L) Izerg 07/21/2014 Actions
817 Support Closed Normal Схема платы A/D (Keithley 2001-162-01G) tin 10/03/2013 Actions
816 Support Closed Normal Schematics recovery for analog board Keithley 2001 tin 07/21/2014 Actions
658 Bug Closed Normal Fix 401.1 - Signal switching; zero cal switch tin 01/13/2013 Actions
652 Bug Closed Normal Fix AC input mains curcuitry, replace electrolytic capacitors, replace transformer tin 12/31/2012 Actions
650 Feature Closed High ADC board Izerg Actions
647 Feature Closed Normal Cook transformer in paraffin to avoid buzzing Izerg 12/17/2012 Actions
642 Feature Closed Normal Voltage reference block schematics recovery tin 12/17/2012 Actions
641 Feature Closed Normal Finish AC input block schematics tin 12/18/2012 Actions
637 Support Closed Normal Review 2001's inventory tin 02/16/2014 Actions
535 Bug Closed Normal AC voltage select unit fails tin 10/21/2012 Actions
343 Bug Closed Normal Send K2001 #5 to iZerg Izerg 10/31/2012 Actions
342 Bug Closed Normal Fix FE section on analog board tin 09/09/2012 Actions
297 Feature Closed Normal Finish ADC board schematics. tin 12/11/2012 Actions
294 Feature Closed Normal Read and decode firmwares for 2001 DMMs tin 08/10/2012 Actions
288 Bug Closed High K4 - repair status. tin 02/28/2015 Actions
286 Feature Closed Normal Calibrate unit (Tektronix calibration) tin 01/19/2014 Actions
285 Rework Closed Normal All functions and all ranges "Overflow" tin 08/05/2012 Actions
284 Rework Closed Normal Test digital board. tin Actions
283 Rework Closed Normal No response from analog board tin Actions
282 Rework Closed Normal Install display board tin Actions
281 Feature Closed Normal Display board move to unit #4 tin Actions
279 Feature Closed Normal Schematics RE - analog board tin 07/31/2012 Actions
278 Feature Closed Normal D2 - checks Actions
277 Bug Closed Normal K2 - ERROR 405.2 – Absolute value x10 gain comparison; large +DAC output tin Actions
276 Bug Closed Normal ERROR 404.1 – Absolute value (x1 gain); -full-scale DAC output tin Actions
275 Bug Closed Normal K2 - Error 402.1 - Frequency switch tin Actions
274 Bug Closed Normal K2 : ERROR 401.1 - Signal switching; zero cal switch tin Actions
273 Support Closed Normal Buy components for repair tin 07/30/2012 Actions
272 Support Closed Normal K2 - repair status. tin Actions
271 Feature Closed Normal K2 : ERROR 304 Section tin Actions
270 Bug Closed Normal K2 : ERROR 304.7 - Ohms sources; 4.4nA and 770nA tin Actions
269 Bug Closed Normal K2 : ERROR 304.6 - Ohms sources; 70nA and 770nA tin Actions
268 Bug Closed Normal K2 : ERROR 105.2 - System trigger bus tin 07/22/2012 Actions
659 Bug Rejected Normal Fix Test 412.1 – AC amps switch tin 01/13/2013 Actions
  Keithley 2002 13 Collapse all/Expand all
1301 Feature New Normal CAL 2002 to 2001 Actions
965 Support New Normal Восстановить схему для ремонта и отладки Keithley 2002 tin 06/30/2014 Actions
964 Support New Normal SCH | Схема аналоговой платы (Keithley 2002-xxx-04x) tin 06/30/2014 Actions
963 Feature New Normal Calibration constants for K2002 tin 02/23/2014 Actions
902 Bug New Normal Self-test fails Actions
972 Feature In Progress Normal Thermal photos for K2002 tin 02/23/2014 Actions
901 Support In Progress Normal Collect photos of 2002 internals tin Actions
1314 Rework Resolved Normal Repair unit 2 tin 03/25/2016 Actions
1296 Feature Resolved Normal Test with different mains tin Actions
966 Support Resolved Normal Схема платы A/D (Keithley 2002-xxx-01x) tin 03/01/2014 Actions
1142 Feature Closed Normal Measure LT1013+LTZ1000A VREF voltages tin 07/21/2014 Actions
958 Feature Closed Normal Initial inspection for K2002 (331119346214) tin 02/10/2014 Actions
973 Feature Rejected Normal Request correct repair manual for 2002 tin 02/28/2014 Actions
  Keithley 2400 repair 4 Collapse all/Expand all
908 Bug Closed Low Front panel replacement quote? tin Actions
887 Bug Closed Normal Fix front panel keypad tin 01/01/2014 Actions
886 Support Closed Normal Send 2400 SMU for calibration to Tektronix Taiwan tin 01/31/2014 Actions
287 Feature Rejected Normal Calibrate outputs tin 08/11/2012 Actions
  Keithley 2510 5 Collapse all/Expand all
1170 Feature Closed Normal Calibrate unit tin 12/06/2014 Actions
1168 Feature Closed Normal Get and flash correct firmware for 2510 into AT49F040 (U168) tin Actions
1167 Feature Closed Normal Publish repair article about 2510 TEC SMU tin 12/07/2014 Actions
1166 Feature Closed Normal Receive 2510 unit for repair tin Actions
1169 Feature Suspended Normal X-K2510RH - resistor heater adapter design tin Actions
  Keithley 7001 1 Collapse all/Expand all
893 Support Rejected Low Front board taken for Keithley 2001, get replacement? tin Actions
  Nikkor lens repair 3 Collapse all/Expand all
781 Bug New Normal SWM AF mechanism have issues when focusing tin Actions
767 Rework Closed Normal Replace connection aperture ring tin Actions
766 Bug Closed Normal Buy replacement parts for 17-35 tin 05/31/2013 Actions
  Nikon DSLR 5 Collapse all/Expand all
1079 Feature New Normal D800 external power hack / ID workaround tin Actions
1112 Feature Closed Normal Schematics for fake EN-EL4a battery tin Actions
1089 Feature Closed High Repair D3 tin 05/11/2014 Actions
1080 Feature Closed Normal Adjust EH-4 AC brick for 13VDC output for D3 tin Actions
1070 Feature Closed Normal Initial inspection tin 05/02/2014 Actions
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