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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Due date 49 Collapse all/Expand all
662 Bug Closed High Graphviz doesn't show on wiki pages tin Actions
661 Bug Closed High Problems creating new project tin Actions
333 Bug Rejected High Caching working not right, need refresh page manually tin Actions
257 Bug Closed High Site very slow at times tin Actions
1139 Feature Closed Normal Reminder issue reminder tin Actions
1126 Bug Closed Normal Deployment issue with redmine engine tin Actions
1007 Bug Planning Normal Contacts plugin cause Internal error tin Actions
899 Support In Progress Normal Отзывы и замечания по новому UI redmine? tin Actions
877 Feature Planning Normal Implement documetation portal tin Actions
876 Feature Rejected Normal Merge with documentation site tin Actions
822 Feature New Normal Don't send suspended issues by email notifications tin Actions
673 Feature Closed Normal Add Git support tin Actions
671 Feature Planning Normal Add RhodeCode to tin Actions
670 Bug Closed Normal Redirects to dummy redmine host when modify items using HTTPS tin Actions
654 Feature Closed Normal Knowledge base module added tin Actions
536 Feature Closed Normal Update engine to 2.1.x branch tin Actions
337 Feature Planning Normal Reformat issue view for easier usage. Slim design tin Actions
336 Feature New Normal autoupdate SCM in redmine for autotrack issues tin Actions
335 Bug Closed Normal Need elevated rights for plugins and attached files, why? tin Actions
334 Bug Closed Normal Stylesheet fix and color updates, fix footer, validate important pages tin Actions
298 Feature Closed Normal Graphviz not working, Error 500 tin Actions
264 Support Closed Normal Update Redmine engine to 1.4.4 tin Actions
258 Feature Closed Normal 404 when deleting file from wiki tin Actions
666 Bug Closed Low F5 required to update issues page in project tin Actions
1223 Feature New Normal I18n for custom/user fields in redmine Actions
  content_mgmt 31 Collapse all/Expand all
234 Support In Progress Normal Prepare and release coding standard tin Documentation 01/11/2012 Actions
649 Feature In Progress High Cadence 3d - краткий гайд по связи c Solidworks Izerg 12/13/2012 Actions
903 Support Planning Normal Write tutorial about using redmine for projects tin Documentation 01/31/2014 Actions
1038 Feature Closed Normal Статьи на апрель 2014 tin 04/30/2014 Actions
1163 Feature Failed Normal Статьи к публикации tin 05/31/2014 Actions
1039 Feature Failed Normal Статьи на май 2014 tin 05/31/2014 Actions
900 Feature New Low Add interactive plugin for common electronics calculations tin 05/31/2014 Actions
1229 Feature Closed Normal Article for DMM noise measurement analysis tin Article 08/06/2015 Actions
1227 Feature Closed High NI HS-GPIB-USB review tin Article 08/16/2015 Actions
1224 Feature In Progress Normal Translate articles to both languages tin Article 08/24/2015 Actions
1233 Feature Closed Normal Перевод tin Article 09/23/2015 Actions
1262 Feature Closed Normal Publish 3456A tin Article 10/25/2015 Actions
1288 Feature Feedback Normal TI ADS1262 EVM article series review tin Article 01/18/2016 Actions
1409 Feature In Progress Normal Статьи по работе с графическими экранами Izerg Article 09/06/2018 Actions
1219 Feature In Progress Normal Статья-руководство для публикаций с использованием textile Izerg Article Actions
1264 Feature New Normal Style improvements for articles tin Article Actions
1226 Feature Closed Normal ALTERA MAX II DEVBOARD review tin Article Actions
1206 Feature Closed Normal Article-review Parallax SmartPack 672 tin Article Actions
1205 Feature Closed Normal Статья-обзор паяльной станции ERSA I-CON tin Article Actions
1204 Support Closed Normal Rohde & Schwarz Signal generator SMT03 Repair tin Repairs Actions
1203 Feature In Progress Normal Taking proper photographs of electronic hardware and PCBAs tin Article Actions
1202 Feature Resolved Normal HP 11177B - Calibration module from HP 3455A tin Article Actions
1201 Feature Closed Normal Fluke 51-II thermometer tin Article Actions
1200 Feature Closed Normal Unlocking JLink article tin Repairs Actions
1199 Feature Planning Normal Second life for dead VGA cards - using as high-power power supply tin Article Actions
1198 Feature Closed Normal Обзор прецизионного мультиметра Keithley 2001-M tin Article Actions
1157 Feature Closed Normal Articles for September 2014 tin Actions
122 Feature In Progress Normal Make article-review about voltage references. tin Actions
1187 Feature In Progress Normal Статьи на май 2015 Actions
1130 Feature Closed Normal Статьи на июль 2014 Actions
123 Feature New Normal DIY Shunt article Actions
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