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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Due date
1302 R&E Feature New Normal Wolf resistors tin Actions
954 R&E Feature In Progress Normal Resistors test tin 28/02/2014 Actions
1075 R&E Feature In Progress Normal Cadence tutorial feedback & review tin Actions
1010 R&E Support Resolved Normal Aquired ERSA I-CON1 soldering station tin 20/03/2014 Actions
1013 R&E Support New Normal Заказать плату tin Actions
1011 R&E Support In Progress Normal Добавить модели для Solidworks tin Actions
1295 R&E Support In Progress Normal Мини-стенд - ворклог aizen Actions
993 R&E Support In Progress Normal Cadence tutorial for Orcad (Component management) tin Actions
1012 R&E Support Resolved Normal Заказать компоненты tin Actions
1177 REF-R Feature In Progress Normal 2 x VREFs sale tin 23/02/2015 Actions
970 REF-R Feature New Normal Battery power option for references tin Actions
1128 REF-R Feature New Normal Order PCBs for VREF B01 module , VREF RATIO, Shorting plug tin 28/06/2014 Actions
1022 REF-R Bug In Progress Normal VREF Board A01 errata tin 05/04/2014 Actions
1018 REF-R Support In Progress Normal Community feedback / units allocation tin Actions
1024 REF-R Support In Progress Normal Module tracklog tin Actions
1111 Raspberry Pi Feature New Low XMP parser / information tool tin 25/05/2014 Actions
1107 Raspberry Pi Feature New Low Add multiple module support on single RPI bus tin 24/05/2014 Actions
1104 TC-M Feature New Normal Bought components supply tin Actions
959 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Feature Resolved Normal TCA-1MEG review tin 16/02/2014 Actions
892 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Feature New Normal Clean and repair P6205 probe tin Actions
1155 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Feature In Progress Normal DSA71604 option tin 05/09/2014 Actions
1103 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Feature Resolved Normal Dead again, software hangs during bootup - fixed with new DS1245YP tin Actions
969 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Bug New Low Check write-protection switch mode tin Actions
981 Tektronix TLA714 Feature Resolved Normal SPI Decode support library tin 22/03/2014 Actions
747 Tektronix TLA714 Feature New Normal Mictor-2.54mm adapter board - LA-TP Board REV 01 tin 09/04/2013 Actions
980 Tektronix TLA714 Feature In Progress Normal I2C decode support library tin 15/03/2014 Actions
979 Tektronix TLA714 Feature In Progress Normal Report issue regarding TLA Application under Winx64 tin 10/03/2014 Actions
1175 Tektronix TLA714 Support In Progress Normal Декодирование данных I2C с помощью TLA714 tin 31/01/2015 Actions
1077 Feature Resolved High Page style issues for tin 27/04/2014 Actions
822 Feature New Normal Don't send suspended issues by email notifications tin Actions
877 Feature Planning Normal Implement documetation portal tin Actions
337 Feature Planning Normal Reformat issue view for easier usage. Slim design tin Actions
655 Feature New Normal Separate theme/style to separate dedicated xdevs-blue theme module tin 02/01/2013 Actions
336 Feature New Normal autoupdate SCM in redmine for autotrack issues tin Actions
1063 Feature Planning Normal Project index tin 30/11/2015 Actions
671 Feature Planning Normal Add RhodeCode to tin Actions
1223 Feature New Normal I18n for custom/user fields in redmine Actions
1002 Feature In Progress Normal Port articles to django site tin 16/03/2014 Actions
1007 Bug Planning Normal Contacts plugin cause Internal error tin Actions
899 Support In Progress Normal Отзывы и замечания по новому UI redmine? tin Actions
1217 Support Planning Normal Update header and footer on redmine to match django site. tin 26/07/2015 Actions
649 content_mgmt Feature In Progress High Cadence 3d - краткий гайд по связи c Solidworks Izerg 13/12/2012 Actions
1202 content_mgmt Feature Resolved Normal HP 11177B - Calibration module from HP 3455A tin Article Actions
1203 content_mgmt Feature In Progress Normal Taking proper photographs of electronic hardware and PCBAs tin Article Actions
1187 content_mgmt Feature In Progress Normal Статьи на май 2015 Actions
1199 content_mgmt Feature Planning Normal Second life for dead VGA cards - using as high-power power supply tin Article Actions
122 content_mgmt Feature In Progress Normal Make article-review about voltage references. tin Actions
1219 content_mgmt Feature In Progress Normal Статья-руководство для публикаций с использованием textile Izerg Article Actions
1288 content_mgmt Feature Feedback Normal TI ADS1262 EVM article series review tin Article 18/01/2016 Actions
1264 content_mgmt Feature New Normal Style improvements for articles tin Article Actions
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