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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Due date
1201 content_mgmt Feature Closed Normal Fluke 51-II thermometer tin Article Actions
1243 HP 3458A Feature Closed Normal Replace capacitors on A6 board. tin Actions
1242 HP 3458A Feature Closed Normal Make 3D drawing for LTZ1000 plastic cap tin 10/05/2015 Actions
1236 HP 3458A Rework Closed Normal Test mains power supply domain & transformer tin Actions
1103 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Feature Resolved Normal Dead again, software hangs during bootup - fixed with new DS1245YP tin Actions
1258 HP 3458A Feature New Normal Adapter board for LMH6321 buffer tin Actions
1257 HP 3458A Feature In Progress Normal Adapter boards for Intersil comparators and EL22xxCM tin Actions
1237 HP 3458A Feature Closed Normal Order replacement parts from Keysight tin Actions
1235 HP 3458A Rework Closed Normal Buy and install A9 reference board tin Actions
1234 HP 3458A Feature Closed Normal Receive unit, initial inspection tin 09/17/2015 Actions
768 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Feature Closed Normal Install all system Tektronix drivers for devices on Win2000 tin 06/30/2013 Actions
754 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Rework Closed Normal Outer covers replacement parts needed tin 12/31/2013 Actions
959 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Feature Resolved Normal TCA-1MEG review tin 02/16/2014 Actions
1229 content_mgmt Feature Closed Normal Article for DMM noise measurement analysis tin Article 08/06/2015 Actions
1205 content_mgmt Feature Closed Normal Статья-обзор паяльной станции ERSA I-CON tin Article Actions
1224 content_mgmt Feature In Progress Normal Translate articles to both languages tin Article 08/24/2015 Actions
1088 KX Inventory Closed Normal MAX6610AUT temp sensor SOT23-6 THD box 10pcs tin Actions
1087 KX Inventory Closed Normal LTC2057HS8 - 17pcs THD box tin Actions
941 KX Inventory Closed Normal LTZ1000ACH SUPER-ZENER VREF tin Actions
940 KX Inventory Closed Normal LTC1043CSWPBF SOW18 | Building block SW-CAP DUAL tin Actions
939 KX Inventory Closed Normal LT1116CS8 tin Actions
938 KX Inventory Closed Normal LT1223CS8 tin Actions
934 KX Inventory Closed Normal PMBFJ111-215 JFET NCH 40V 20mA SOT23-3 tin Actions
933 KX Inventory Closed Normal PMBFJ620-115 NJFET DUAL 25V SOT363 tin Actions
930 KX Inventory Closed Normal TL7705ACDR tin Actions
927 KX Inventory Closed Normal AD7490BRUZ tin Actions
926 KX Inventory Closed Normal LTC1050CS8 tin Actions
925 KX Inventory Closed Normal LMV324I tin Actions
154 WARP Bug Failed Normal VNOM- not connected to ground tin Actions
122 content_mgmt Feature In Progress Normal Make article-review about voltage references. tin Actions
123 content_mgmt Feature New Normal DIY Shunt article Actions
1206 content_mgmt Feature Closed Normal Article-review Parallax SmartPack 672 tin Article Actions
1223 Feature New Normal I18n for custom/user fields in redmine Actions
1204 content_mgmt Support Closed Normal Rohde & Schwarz Signal generator SMT03 Repair tin Repairs Actions
1217 Support Planning Normal Update header and footer on redmine to match django site. tin 07/26/2015 Actions
655 Feature New Normal Separate theme/style to separate dedicated xdevs-blue theme module tin 01/02/2013 Actions
822 Feature New Normal Don't send suspended issues by email notifications tin Actions
903 content_mgmt Support Planning Normal Write tutorial about using redmine for projects tin Documentation 01/31/2014 Actions
337 Feature Planning Normal Reformat issue view for easier usage. Slim design tin Actions
1007 Bug Planning Normal Contacts plugin cause Internal error tin Actions
877 Feature Planning Normal Implement documetation portal tin Actions
671 Feature Planning Normal Add RhodeCode to tin Actions
1063 Feature Planning Normal Project index tin 11/30/2015 Actions
876 Feature Rejected Normal Merge with documentation site tin Actions
336 Feature New Normal autoupdate SCM in redmine for autotrack issues tin Actions
1202 content_mgmt Feature Resolved Normal HP 11177B - Calibration module from HP 3455A tin Article Actions
1073 Raspberry Pi Feature Closed Normal Initial firmware to read/write SPD EEPROM (EC) tin 05/21/2014 Actions
895 Keithley 2001 repair Feature Closed Normal 304.x series self-test errors (Ohm) Izerg 01/05/2014 Actions
885 Keithley 2001 repair Feature Closed Normal Keithley 2001 thermal evaluation tin 01/01/2014 Actions
858 Keithley 2001 repair Bug Closed Normal VFD Power supply issues? tin Actions
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