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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Due date
333 Bug Rejected High Caching working not right, need refresh page manually tin Actions
1160 Keithley 2000 Support Closed Normal Backup EEPROM with programm memory A02 tin Actions
272 Keithley 2001 repair Support Closed Normal K2 - repair status. tin Actions
893 Keithley 7001 Support Rejected Low Front board taken for Keithley 2001, get replacement? tin Actions
882 R&E Support Closed Low Requested Tektronix quotation for calibration with data tin Actions
796 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Support Closed Normal Upgrade CPU to Pentium III, add extra memory for NLX board, install DVD-RW tin Actions
264 Support Closed Normal Update Redmine engine to 1.4.4 tin Actions
1204 content_mgmt Support Closed Normal Rohde & Schwarz Signal generator SMT03 Repair tin Repairs Actions
1248 HP 3458A Rework Closed Normal Make CPLD logic replacement for PAL address decoder 03458-88804 tin Actions
1236 HP 3458A Rework Closed Normal Test mains power supply domain & transformer tin Actions
1235 HP 3458A Rework Closed Normal Buy and install A9 reference board tin Actions
284 Keithley 2001 repair Rework Closed Normal Test digital board. tin Actions
283 Keithley 2001 repair Rework Closed Normal No response from analog board tin Actions
282 Keithley 2001 repair Rework Closed Normal Install display board tin Actions
767 Nikkor lens repair Rework Closed Normal Replace connection aperture ring tin Actions
773 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Rework Closed Normal Buy BR1632 3V battery for NVRAM DALLAS replacement with leads tin Actions
772 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Rework Closed Normal Install Windows 2000 SP4 Pro for test tin Actions
771 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Rework Rejected Normal Install Windows 98 on another HDD for test. tin Actions
1088 KX Inventory Closed Normal MAX6610AUT temp sensor SOT23-6 THD box 10pcs tin Actions
1087 KX Inventory Closed Normal LTC2057HS8 - 17pcs THD box tin Actions
941 KX Inventory Closed Normal LTZ1000ACH SUPER-ZENER VREF tin Actions
940 KX Inventory Closed Normal LTC1043CSWPBF SOW18 | Building block SW-CAP DUAL tin Actions
939 KX Inventory Closed Normal LT1116CS8 tin Actions
938 KX Inventory Closed Normal LT1223CS8 tin Actions
934 KX Inventory Closed Normal PMBFJ111-215 JFET NCH 40V 20mA SOT23-3 tin Actions
933 KX Inventory Closed Normal PMBFJ620-115 NJFET DUAL 25V SOT363 tin Actions
930 KX Inventory Closed Normal TL7705ACDR tin Actions
927 KX Inventory Closed Normal AD7490BRUZ tin Actions
926 KX Inventory Closed Normal LTC1050CS8 tin Actions
925 KX Inventory Closed Normal LMV324I tin Actions
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