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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Due date
1266 HP3245A Feature Closed Normal Receive unit, initial inspection and tests tin Actions
670 Bug Closed Normal Redirects to dummy redmine host when modify items using HTTPS tin Actions
1184 Keithley 2001 repair Bug Closed Normal Repair status tin Actions
1185 Keithley 2001 repair Bug Closed Normal Repair status for very first 2001 unit tin Actions
1243 HP 3458A Feature Closed Normal Replace capacitors on A6 board. tin Actions
767 Nikkor lens repair Rework Closed Normal Replace connection aperture ring tin Actions
910 HP 4263B Feature Closed Normal Replace damaged components tin Actions
882 R&E Support Closed Low Requested Tektronix quotation for calibration with data tin Actions
1204 content_mgmt Support Closed Normal Rohde & Schwarz Signal generator SMT03 Repair tin Repairs Actions
1112 Nikon DSLR Feature Closed Normal Schematics for fake EN-EL4a battery tin Actions
1336 X-CAL Feature Closed Normal Software specification Actions
334 Bug Closed Normal Stylesheet fix and color updates, fix footer, validate important pages tin Actions
930 KX Inventory Closed Normal TL7705ACDR tin Actions
284 Keithley 2001 repair Rework Closed Normal Test digital board. tin Actions
1236 HP 3458A Rework Closed Normal Test mains power supply domain & transformer tin Actions
880 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Bug Closed Normal Trigger encoder shaft damaged - replace encoder Bourns EPS1E-F19 S53 tin Actions
884 Keithley 2001 repair Feature Closed Normal UART protocol between front panel board and digital board. tin Actions
815 Tektronix TLA714 Feature Closed Normal Unlock more memory for TLA7AA4 tin Actions
1200 content_mgmt Feature Closed Normal Unlocking JLink article tin Repairs Actions
264 Support Closed Normal Update Redmine engine to 1.4.4 tin Actions
536 Feature Closed Normal Update engine to 2.1.x branch tin Actions
796 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Support Closed Normal Upgrade CPU to Pentium III, add extra memory for NLX board, install DVD-RW tin Actions
291 ALTERA 672 Checkout board repair Bug Closed High VCC SSO замкнут на землю? Izerg Actions
858 Keithley 2001 repair Bug Closed Normal VFD Power supply issues? tin Actions
154 WARP Bug Failed Normal VNOM- not connected to ground tin Actions
872 Tektronix TLA714 Feature Closed Normal Бюджет проекта tin Actions
1141 Keithley 2001 repair Feature Closed Normal Восстановление источника тока и диапазонов измерения сопротивления tin Actions
1198 content_mgmt Feature Closed Normal Обзор прецизионного мультиметра Keithley 2001-M tin Article Actions
1130 content_mgmt Feature Closed Normal Статьи на июль 2014 Actions
1205 content_mgmt Feature Closed Normal Статья-обзор паяльной станции ERSA I-CON tin Article Actions
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