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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Due date
240 Feature Closed Normal Mercurial style tin 12/26/2011 Actions
284 Keithley 2001 repair Rework Closed Normal Test digital board. tin Actions
285 Keithley 2001 repair Rework Closed Normal All functions and all ranges "Overflow" tin 08/05/2012 Actions
283 Keithley 2001 repair Rework Closed Normal No response from analog board tin Actions
282 Keithley 2001 repair Rework Closed Normal Install display board tin Actions
238 Bug Closed Normal Update repository server tin 12/25/2011 Actions
258 Feature Closed Normal 404 when deleting file from wiki tin Actions
239 Support Closed Normal Update security certificate for crypted access to tin 12/25/2011 Actions
85 R&E Feature Closed Normal Make PCI-E videocard test power assemble kit tin 11/28/2010 Actions
4 PWMC Bug Closed Normal Firmware and hardware check tin Actions
908 Keithley 2400 repair Bug Closed Low Front panel replacement quote? tin Actions
1178 Keithley 2000 Feature Closed Low Check components on K2000 unit tin Actions
1014 KX Support In Progress Low Components supply for project tin Actions
1132 KX-H : Low-noise amp Feature New Low Collect existing solutions and applications. tin Actions
900 content_mgmt Feature New Low Add interactive plugin for common electronics calculations tin 05/31/2014 Actions
1092 Raspberry Pi Feature Closed Low DDR3/DDR4 SPD read tool for RPI+DDR4s tin 05/25/2014 Actions
912 Keithley 2001 repair Support Closed Low repo_test tin Actions
839 Keithley 2001 repair Feature Closed Low analog board photo tin 10/26/2013 Actions
1059 HP 4263B Support Closed Low Improve LCD to inverse 40x2? tin 04/30/2014 Actions
1111 Raspberry Pi Feature New Low XMP parser / information tool tin 05/25/2014 Actions
1107 Raspberry Pi Feature New Low Add multiple module support on single RPI bus tin 05/24/2014 Actions
969 Tektronix TDS/CSA7000 (CSA7404) Bug New Low Check write-protection switch mode tin Actions
882 R&E Support Closed Low Requested Tektronix quotation for calibration with data tin Actions
893 Keithley 7001 Support Rejected Low Front board taken for Keithley 2001, get replacement? tin Actions
666 Bug Closed Low F5 required to update issues page in project tin Actions
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