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i got a Problem with my K2001 : only 200mA and 2A range are out of tolerance. They will not be adjusted by the K2001. The repairbokk tell me, that there are Problems with the Shunts, but they are still ok.
I think there is a problem around U322 (x1/x50) with the factor of the amplifier. Buti can not finde the resistors for the amplifiers.

Have you got any suggestions ?


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What was your test source? You need at least 200ppm accurate source to ensure it's 2001's problem.
And what are actual values you measured?
If you could provide more details about your setup, might get easier to help.
Can upload files here by using attachment function.

Does meter pass built-in selftest? Shunts barely a problem there.

If your meter in tolerance for voltages, ohms - U322 section likely to be okay, as it's used for all measurements, not only amps.


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hello tin,

the source is a Fluke-5700A (calibrated) and the multimeter passed all tests without faults. The values in the 200mA-range are 189,5xx at 190mA nominal and 1,875A at 1,9A nominal. The same difference in AC. I checked the shunts and changed them with an other K2001, no difference. It is possible that the factor at the ranges are not ok (x50)? For these amplifier U323, i can not find the resistence for the factors.

All other Values are in tolerance.

any suggestions ?


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Since you have 5700A available best option would be to run calibration on 2001.
Fixed offset errors can be fixed by meter automatically after calibration.
Detailed calubration procedure available in related manual.


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