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Calibration constants for K2002

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Read calibration values via :CAL:PROT:DATA? query
Read calibration EEPROM at original state

132 constants

Cal value Description K2002 #1 original val
g1 RMS gain for 2V, 200V, and 750V ranges 9.986900E-01
of1 RMS offset for 2V, 200V, and 750V AC ranges 5.367367E-05
g10 RMS gain for 200mV and 20V AC ranges 9.985891E+00
of10 RMS offset for 200mV and 20V AC ranges -5.023695E-05
gfwr1 Average gain for 2V, 200V, and 750V AC ranges 1.000033E+00
offwr1 Average offset for 2V, 200V, and 750V AC ranges -1.334560E-05
gfwr10 Average gain for 200mV and 20V AC ranges 9.999096E+00
offwr10 Average offset for 200mV and 20V AC ranges 2.446879E-06
a100 100:1 divider attenuation factor 1.000013E+02
a500 500:1 divider attenuation factor 4.969189E+02
ofpkpos10 Positive peak offset for 200mV AC range 3.668634E-03
ofpkneg10 Negative peak offset for 200mV AC range 9.856894E-03
ofpk1 Positive and negative peak offset for 2V, 200V, and 750V AC ranges 3.336559E-03
ofpkpos20 Positive peak offset for 20V AC range 3.743787E-03
ofpkneg20 Negative peak offset for 20V AC range 9.869237E-03
div100self Self-calibration code for frequency compensation DAC, 100:1 divider 1.010000E+02
div500self Self-calibration code for frequency compensation DAC, 500:1 divider 1.070000E+02
c200uaz 200?A zero -4.717585E-05
c2maz 2mA zero -4.721684E-05
c20maz 20mA zero -4.710776E-05
c200maz 200mA zero -4.662003E-05
c2az 2A zero -4.691670E-05
cdivzx50 x50 divider zero -2.841348E-05
c1000vz 1000V zero -5.926422E-07
c200vz 200V zero -2.310775E-06
c20vz 20V zero -2.918041E-07
c10vz 10V zero -2.640141E-07
c2vz 2V zero -1.075348E-06
c200mvz 200mV zero -1.353906E-05
c1mr4wz 1M? 4-wire zero -3.202908E-07
c1mrz 1M? 2-wire zero -2.153799E-07
c200kr4wz 200k? 4-wire zero -1.181141E-06
c200krz 200k? 2-wire zero -4.502233E-07
c20kr4wz 20k? 4-wire zero -1.183365E-06
c20kr4wzon 20k? 4-wire zero OC on 1.423265E+00
c20kr4wzoff 20k? 4-wire zero OC off 1.423266E+00
c20krz 20k? 2-wire zero 5.626679E-06
c20krzon 20k? 2-wire zero OC on 1.423263E+00
c20krzoff 20k? 2-wire zero OC off 1.423257E+00
c2kr4wz 2k? 4-wire zero -1.127782E-06
c2kr4wzon 2k? 4-wire zero OC on 1.423266E+00
c2kr4wzoff 2k? 4-wire zero OC off 1.423266E+00
c2krz 2k? 2-wire zero 6.617393E-05
c2krzon 2k? 2-wire zero OC on 1.423324E+00
c2krzoff 2k? 2-wire zero OC off 1.423256E+00
c200r4wz 200? 4-wire zero -1.378339E-05
c200r4wzon 200? 4-wire zero OC on 1.779081E+00
c200r4wzoff 200? 4-wire zero OC off 1.779080E+00
c200rz 200? 2-wire zero 8.244049E-04
c200rzon 200? 2-wire zero OC on 1.779802E+00
c200rzoff 200? 2-wire zero OC off 1.778965E+00
c20r4wz 20? 4-wire zero -1.291446E-05
c20r4wzon 20? 4-wire zero OC on 1.779083E+00
c20r4wzoff 20? 4-wire zero OC off 1.779081E+00
c20rz 20? 2-wire zero 6.280594E-03
c20rzon 20? 2-wire zero OC on 1.785259E+00
c20rzoff 20? 2-wire zero OC off 1.778965E+00
c2vfs 2V full scale 1.065217E+00
c7vref 7V reference 2.662950E-01
c20vfs 20V full scale 2.662938E+00
c20vfsdivx5 20V full scale divider x5 1.065216E-01
c20vfsdivx50 20V full scale divider x50 1.331427E+00
chiohmres Hi ohms resistance 7.271218E-01
c1mrfs 1M? full scale 2.666166E-01
c200krfs 200k? full scale 5.332774E-01
c20krfs 20k? full scale 1.013331E+00
c20krfson 20k? full scale OC on 2.436599E+00
c20krfsoff 20k? full scale OC off 1.443531E+00
c2krfs 2k? full scale 1.013295E+00
c2krfson 2k? full scale OC on 2.436563E+00
c2krfsoff 2k? full scale OC off 1.425293E+00
c200rfs 200? full scale 1.266676E+00
c200rfson 200? full scale OC on 3.045771E+00
c200rfsoff 200? full scale OC off 1.781614E+00
c20rfs 20? full scale 9.499449E-01
c20rfson 20? full scale OC on 2.729043E+00
c20rfsoff 20? full scale OC off 1.779333E+00
c200uafs 200?A full scale 1.331226E+00
c2mafs 2mA full scale 1.331281E+00
c20mafs 20mA full scale 1.333395E+00
c200mafs 200mA full scale 1.348366E+00
c2afs 2A full scale 6.985593E-01
chiohmvolt Hi ohms voltage 1.999955E+00
usr2v 2V cal point 1.900000E+00
usr20v 20V cal point 1.899998E+01
usr1mr 1M? cal point 9.999023E+05
usr200kr 200k? cal point 9.999323E+04
usr20kr 20k? cal point 1.899921E+04
usr2kr 2k? cal point 1.899867E+03
usr200r 200? cal point 1.900105E+02
usr20r 20? cal point 1.899932E+01
usr200ua 200?A cal point 1.899989E-04
usr2ma 2mA cal point 1.899979E-03
usr20ma 20mA cal point 1.899963E-02
usr200ma 200mA cal point 1.900000E-01
usr2a 2A cal point 1.000000E+00
inttemp Calibration temperature 4.719803E+01
acvalhigh AC-coupled cal value for low ranges 1.996668E+00
dcvalhigh AC-coupled cal value for high ranges 1.997126E+00
tmpdiv100 /100 divider cal value 1.015000E+02
divval2 Divider cal value 2 4.018134E-01
divval3 Divider cal value 3 1.997268E+00
tmpdiv200 /200 divider cal value 1.005000E+02
tmpdiv500 /500 divider cal value 1.100000E+02
acvallow AC-coupled cal value for low ranges 1.497226E+00
dcvallow DC-coupled cal value for low ranges 1.497816E+00
lowrngcorr Correction factor for low ranges 1.997113E+00
maxdacfrwd1 Forward hysteresis DAC value 9.600000E+01
maxdacbkwd1 Backward hysteresis DAC value 1.240000E+02
vavgnoise10 x10 average noise factor 4.788144E-03
dcdivcal DC attenuator correction 5.606500E-01
rollm200mv Negative full-scale rollover value 1.401576E-01
c20vz Rear 20V zero -1.401581E+00
c2vz Rear 2V zero -2.528971E-07
c200mvz Rear 200mV zero -1.156870E-06
c1mr4wz Rear 1M? 4-wire zero -1.426511E-05
c1mrz Rear 1M? 2-wire zero -2.292756E-08
c200kr4wz Rear 200k? 4-wire zero -2.876366E-07
c200krz Rear 200k? 2-wire zero 8.559805E-08
c20kr4wz Rear 20k? 4-wire zero -6.219754E-07
c20krz Rear 20k? 2-wire zero 1.028288E-07
c2kr4wz Rear 2k? 4-wire zero 5.471605E-06
c2krz Rear 2k? 2-wire zero 1.667494E-08
c200r4wz Rear 200? 4-wire zero 6.620397E-05
c200rz Rear 200? 2-wire zero 1.109323E-06
c20r4wz Rear 20? 4-wire zero 8.247660E-04
c20rz Rear 20? 2-wire zero 6.516983E-07
ampsac AC-coupled amps cal value 6.295597E-03
ampsacdc DC-coupled amps cal value 1.997413E+00
lfac AC-coupled LFRMS cal value 1.998222E+00
lfacdc DC-coupled LFRMS cal value 3.775987E-01
? ? 7.057743E-01

Updated by tin almost 9 years ago

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Updated by tin almost 9 years ago

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Updated by tin over 8 years ago

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