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Upgrade CPU to Pentium III, add extra memory for NLX board, install DVD-RW

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DVD-RW Installed.

Pending 2x256MB from ebay, shipped already by seller


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Installed 512MB Micron PC133 in PPC board.
256Mbit memory not supported in PC board, so installed 2x256MB PC133 Micron on NLX SU810

Ordered and paid Pentium III 1000/256/100 SL5QV CPU


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Bought pair of P3 1.4GHz Tualatin-S, to try get them working in CSA7404


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Received CPUs:

1 x Pentium III 1000/256/100/1.75V , SL5QV
2 x Pentium III-S 1400 1400/512/133/1.45V, SL5XL Tualatin

Pentium III 1000E (Coppermine-256) started successfully, without any modifications required.
Tualatin did not started, VCORE = 1.3VDC measured, no boot.

Modification in progress:

1. Изолировать ножки процессора: AN3 (DYN_OE), AJ3 (RESET#2).
2. Изолировать AK4 и соединить его с AK26: VttPWRGD route to 1.5V from AN11 via 1Kohm
3. Соединить AM34 и AK36. (VID25mv)
4. Изолировать ножки: G35, G37 и N37.
5. Cоединить: G35,G37 и N37 вместе.

Now CPU working fine, 100MHz FSB * 10.5 ratio = 1050MHz @ 1.45V

Scope upgrade complete, no other plans.


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