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08/24/2015 (over 7 years late)
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32.00 h


English and Russian translation for content

Article EN RU
Added comment engine to website articles and service pages PASS FAIL
Adding I2C0 port to Raspberry Pi B Rev 2.0 PASS FAIL
Adjusting voltage on EVGA EPOWER Classified module PASS FAIL
Articles are split into sections per type PASS FAIL
Automatic version control in source files for Mercurial DVCS PASS FAIL
Customizing color scheme for Cadence/OrCAD Capture PASS FAIL
Django+Python developer wanted PASS FAIL
EDC (Krohn-nite) MV106 DC Voltage standard review and calibration PASS FAIL
ERSA I-CON Soldering station PASS FAIL
ESI DB52 : Precision resistance decade PASS FAIL
Extreme OC modifications for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 PASS FAIL
Fluke 52 II thermometer calibration tutorial PASS FAIL
Formatting serial output with colors PASS FAIL
GPIB reference for Keithley 2001/2002 PASS FAIL
Hacking Fluke 51-II thermometer PASS FAIL
How-to: Powering stand-alone PCIe videocard without MB PASS FAIL
IAR compiler tips PASS FAIL
KX Voltage reference PASS FAIL
Keithley 2000 DMM repair log PASS FAIL
Keithley 2510 TEC SMU Repair PASS FAIL
Keithley Model 2001 repair and service notes PASS FAIL
Keithley Model 2002 - 8.5 digit system DMM review PASS FAIL
Keithley Model 2400 review and VFD repair PASS FAIL
Keithley secret menu and settings PASS FAIL
Macros and hotkeys in Cadence Allegro PCB Editor PASS FAIL
Memory options on Keithley 2001/2002 series DMMs PASS FAIL
Mercurial - DVCS (Decentralized Version Control System) - intro and basic usage guide PASS FAIL
Option keys for Tektronix oscilloscopes and logic analyzers PASS FAIL
Repair and review of HP/Agilent/Keysight 4263B PASS FAIL
Repair experience for Nikon D3 body PASS FAIL
Repairing Keithley Model 2001 PASS FAIL
Resistor SMD codes and designators PASS FAIL
Second life for dead VGA cards - using as high-power power supply PASS FAIL
Server migration - services might be temporary unavailable PASS FAIL
Setting up Mercurial DVCS via HTTPS PASS FAIL
Simple CSV parser for datalogs in Python PASS FAIL
Taking proper photographs of electronic hardware and PCBAs PASS FAIL
Tektronix TDS7000 series repair PASS FAIL
Unlocking JLink PASS FAIL
Uploaded Keithley 2001 B06 and 2400 C10 firmwares PASS FAIL
Using Raspberry Pi for rapid prototyping PASS FAIL
Review and options for Tektronix TLA7AA4 Logic analyzer module PASS FAIL
Terasic DEnano review (ALTERA MAX II Micro Kit) PASS FAIL
Article EN RU
Изучаем Cadence Allegro PCB Editor FAIL PASS
Project VC1 - vacuum-fluorescent table clock design FAIL PASS
Изучаем Cadence Orcad FAIL PASS
Импорт/экспорт Cadence + Solidworks FAIL PASS
Использование индикаторов Ampire TIC c контроллером PCF8531 FAIL PASS
Как начать разработку электронного устройства - введение FAIL PASS
Материнская плата Intel DP35DP или заготовка для домашнего кинотеатра FAIL PASS
Нетрадиционный апгрейд DDR SDRAM памяти, 4х256MB на 2х512MB FAIL PASS
Обзор прецизионного мультиметра Keithley 2001-M FAIL PASS
Тестирование мощного блока питания Seasonic M12D FAIL PASS
Фальшивые флешки, или еще одна технология ремонта FAIL PASS


Article EN RU
Formatting hex dumps in serial consoles PASS PASS
Nominal resistance on power rails of various PC hardware PASS PASS
Parallax Stratix 672 Smartpack FPGA board overview PASS PASS
Parsing strings in Python on Markup/BBCode image tags generator example PASS PASS
Received replacement switch Keithley SW-468 PASS PASS
Renaming power nets in Cadence Allegro PASS PASS
Review and teardown of Tektronix TCA-1MEG high-impedance Buffer Amplifier System PASS PASS
Rohde & Schwarz Signal generator SMT03 Repair PASS PASS
Tektronix P6246 and P6251 differential probes exterior review PASS PASS VARM - versatile dual-channel panel meter PASS PASS
Использование cегментного COG-индикатора Ampire TIC5234 PASS PASS
Краткий фотообзор прецизионного датчика тока LEM ULTRASTAB PASS PASS
HP 11177B - Calibration module from HP 3455A PASS PASS
Extreme OC modifications for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti KPE PASS PASS

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HP 11177B - Calibration module from HP 3455A PASS PASS
Extreme OC modifications for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti KPE PASS PASS

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