TEC module

Technical documentation

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This circular TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler) module, ATEC1−49, contains 49 pairs of Peltier elements with a maximum voltage of 5.5 Volt. Its circular shape is designed for mounting the type of target objects which has electrical connection leads located on the center of the bottom surface, such as laser diodes, photo detectors, CCD camera sensors, etc. This TEC module can be controlled by our TEC controller, TECA1−5V−5V−D, to achieve high temperature stability, < ±0.01°C, and with high efficiency, > 90%. The ATEC1−49 TEC module can be used with our thermistors as well to achieve precise and stable temperature sensing. Figure 1.1 and 1.2 show the actual sealed version of the ATEC1−49 TEC.
The ATEC1−49 TECs come in with highly flat bare ceramic surfaces on the both sides, and they can be mounted onto flat metal surfaces by inserting a thin layer of thermal conductive paste. When mounting, make sure that proper pressure is applied constantly to keep good thermal contacting between the metal and the TEC plates, minimizing thermal resistance between them.
The TECs can withstand strong orthogonal forces applied to the surface, but very vulnerable to tangent forces, especially shocking tangent forces. A small shocking tangent force can cause the Peltier elements crack inside. The crack may not cause operation problem initially, but it will grow with time, causing the TEC resistance to increase slowly, by the end, the TEC will stop operating.
This series of TEC modules consist of two versions, ATEC1−49−3AS and ATEC1−49−3ASH.
In the part number, e.g. ATEC1−49−3ASH, “C” stands for its circular shape; “3A” indicates the maximum current allowed for entering the TEC module; “S” represents sealed version; “H” stands for its high operating temperature, up to 150°C and if without a “H” in the part number, it has a low operating temperature, −60°C~85°C. It can achieve a maximum temperature difference, ΔTmax, of 63°C, and a Qmax of 12.6W.
The ATEC1−49 TEC comes with 2 insulated lead wires. The positive wire is in red color with the length of 5.5 inches, 140mm, and the negative wire is of black, with the same length. The mechanical dimensions are shown in Figure 6 and Table 2.
The TECs have the edge area be sealed, to prevent moisture from getting into the Peltier elements and to extend the life time of the TECs. The ATEC1−49 TECs come in sealed version only. For applications in moisture environments, sealed version is recommended, in order to achieve long life time and high reliability for the system.