Analog Devices ADSP-BF548 BF549 EZ-KIT LITE REV1.3

Technical documentation

The ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite® provides developers initial evaluation of the ADSP-BF54x Blackfin® DSP Processors. With this EZ-KIT Lite, users can learn more about the Analog Devices (ADI) ADSP-BF548 hardware and software development, and quickly prototype a wide range of applications.


  • ADSP-BF548 (or ADSP-BF549) Processor: 400 Ball mBGA, 600MHz; 25 MHz CLKIN oscillator
  • DDR SDRAM: 64 MB (8M x 16) Micron MT46V32M16
  • BURST Flash: 32 MB (16M x 16 ) Intel C28F128K3C115
  • NAND Flash: 2 Gb Numonyx NAND02
  • SPI Flash: 16 Mbit Numonyx M25P16
  • Hard Drive: Toshiba MK4032GAX 40GB 2.5” drive
  • AC’97 CODEC: AD1980 5.1 Surround Codec
  • Keypad: ACT Components, ACT-07-30008-000-R 4x4 Keypad assembly
  • Thumbwheel: CTS Corp 290UAB0R201B2, Rotary Encoder
  • UART: ADM3202 RS-232 line driver/receiver; DB9 female connector
  • USB Debug Agent and JTAG Header
  • Connectors: HS USB OTG; SD Memory; CAN (2); HOST; Expansion Interface (3); STAMP Interface (7)

MSRP: $1000 USD

High-resolution photos of kit board.

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_TIN7877.jpg (355 KB) _TIN7877.jpg Battery tin, 09/12/2010 07:10
_TIN7878.jpg (1.61 MB) _TIN7878.jpg Top view of whole board without LCD tin, 09/12/2010 07:10
_TIN7880.jpg (1.21 MB) _TIN7880.jpg Top view with LCD and keypad tin, 09/12/2010 07:10
_TIN7881.jpg (1.29 MB) _TIN7881.jpg Bottom view with HDD tin, 09/12/2010 07:10
_TIN7871.jpg (2.13 MB) _TIN7871.jpg Slave ADSP for development purposes with Xilinx FPGA tin, 09/12/2010 07:10
_TIN7873.jpg (2.14 MB) _TIN7873.jpg Main ADSP-BF549 chip with memory subsystem tin, 09/12/2010 07:10
_TIN7874.jpg (1.96 MB) _TIN7874.jpg SMPS DC-DC (U23 Dual mosfet removed due failure tin, 09/12/2010 07:10
_TIN7875.jpg (312 KB) _TIN7875.jpg PCB marks. tin, 09/12/2010 07:10
_TIN7884.jpg (1.21 MB) _TIN7884.jpg Operating board tin, 09/12/2010 07:10
_TIN7876.jpg (2.07 MB) _TIN7876.jpg Expansion connectors on bottom of board tin, 09/12/2010 07:10