Electronics engineering

This section is dedicated area for project management and feedback between involved customers, developers and project owners.

Development is divided by project/device basis. Each project on this site have independent control, access, issue management system, to do lists, wiki-pages any many more. Most of settings and tools are freely available to developers after simple registration.

Rules and conditions

There is no limitation of project specifics, but most of development targeted on electronics engineering and firmware development.

New developers and engineers are always welcome to maintain and create own projects or put effort to already created ones. Let us know if you need anything.

Please note, anonymous non-registered user account may have limited view features for repository storage.

You are free to share and copy content, if links to source pages are added. This way you support our efforts to keep public projects online.

Have manual for test equipment gear or interesting project article which you wish to share for hosting here? Please, follow upload directions


Forward all ideas, corrections and suggestions to special site feedback project dev.xdevs.com or direct contact or use information listed below

Mailbox: team[]xdevs.com
skype: tin_topmods
phone: +886972800284

Latest news

R&E: Happy new 2016!
Wish all the best and new ideas and cool projects to everyone!
Added by tin over 3 years ago

content_mgmt: xDevs.com now have own IRC chat
Fellow engineers. General EE talks as well as project-related questions are welcome. > IRC.XDEVS.COM : 6667
Added by tin almost 4 years ago

content_mgmt: New article - HP 3245A Universal source
Worklog and teardown of rare precision DC/AC source from HP. https://xdevs.com/fix/hp3245a/
Added by tin almost 4 years ago

content_mgmt: New repair article - HP 3456A DMM worklog.
Detailed article from TEKTRON is ready. Enjoy repair and modifications progress.
Added by tin almost 4 years ago

HP 3458A: Received A9 DCV reference board.
Repair of meter covered "here":https://xdevs.com/fix/hp3458a/
Added by tin almost 4 years ago

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    xDevs.com metrology software toolkit....

  • HP3245A (30/10/2015 09:57)

    Repair project for HP 3245A universal source...

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    HP Generator repair project...

  • HP 3458A (15/09/2015 05:00)

    Repair project for HP 3458A DMM...